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The Fintech Hustle

S.1 Ep. 01 - Fintech firms are acting like banks; banks are acting like fintech firms. The lines are no longer clearly drawn. So who’s behind Door #3?

   Tuesday October 13, 2020    1:00 PM ET

One thing is certain: technology’s emergence in banking has led to a shift in how financial institutions think about their fintech partners – and vice versa. And the playing field changes on seemingly a daily basis!

Join co-hosts Sam Kilmer, fintech advisor, and Ron Shevlin, provocative author/researcher, from Cornerstone Advisors as they engage fintech guests in a lively chat about what’s going on in the world of financial technology.

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Hosts & Panelists

Sam Kilmer

Senior Director

Cornerstone Advisors

Trisha Price

Chief Product Officer


Wade Arnold


Moov Financial

Ron Shevlin

Director of Research

Cornerstone Advisors


Topics Include


What's working well and not working well today


Recent fintech challenges and if/how fintech providers are overcoming them


How challenger fintechs, established industry fintech providers, banks and investors are morphing


The "So What" impact to banks and their fintech partners