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Resolving Friction Points when Digital & Payments Collide

Resolving Friction Points when Digital & Payments Collide

   Thursday November 19, 2020    12:00 PM ET

When you focus on reducing friction and implementing best practices, you can improve the customer experience and maintain high retention rates.

For bank and credit union executives, this 60-minute webinar takes a deeper dive into Digital Account opening and Debit Card onboarding. From common pain points to impact on operations, attendees will gain a greater understanding of where to focus when developing their 2021 strategic plan.

  • Are you trying to improve the customer experience for your digital users but are not sure where to begin?
  • Does your organization need help understanding more about the intersection of digital and payments?
  • Are you trying to understand more about the integration points between digital and payments vendors?

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Hosted By

Kim Swenson

Senior Director

Cornerstone Advisors

Amanda Swanson


Cornerstone Advisors


Topics Include

Customer Experience

It needs to improve, but how?

Know How

Helping your organization understand the digital and payments


Understand how the integration works and works well