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Merger Preparedness – Seizing the Strategic Opportunity

Will you be ready when the next merger opportunity comes along?

   Monday August 24, 2020    12:00 PM ET

While the pandemic may have slowed M&A activity, it has not changed the long-term industry consolidation. In fact, Cornerstone Advisors expects activity to accelerate post-COVID as banks “on the fence” realize that long-term shareholder value will come in the form of a merger.

Because you can’t time a merger like you can a strategic initiative, it is imperative for boards and management to be prepared to evaluate and potentially execute a merger if and when the opportunity emerges.

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Hosted By

Vincent Hui

Managing Director


Topics Include


The key actions to be properly prepared for an M&A transaction


What’s different for an MOE when you can’t do a “thou shalt” integration


Key decisions to be made and how to best approach a merger opportunity


Areas of incremental value creation that banks sometimes miss