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2020 Planning and Beyond: Are You a Bear or a Bull?

Five fundamental questions financial institution executives should be evaluating

   Thursday July 23, 2020    12:00 PM ET

Cornerstone Advisors research shows that one-third of all financial institutions under $50 billion in assets will have negative earnings by Q1 2021.

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Hosted By

Onker Basu

Senior Director

Cornerstone Advisors

John Meyer

Senior Director

Cornerstone Advisors


Topics Include


What adjustments do we need to make over the next 18 months and beyond to remain competitive?


How should we be thinking of investments in our channels – digital, branch, contact centers, ITMs – in the future?


How do we elevate our credit and operational risk visibility to ensure capital preservation and demonstrate strength to stakeholders?


Are there growth opportunities that would make sense for us to consider at this time – such as entering new markets/M&A?


How do we safely and productively get back to work for both our customers and employees?