Cybersecurity Services

We review and tests your organization’s internal and external security controls and overall information security program and ensures you meet FFIEC higher cybersecurity maturity levels.

Cornerstone’s Cybersecurity Service provides a “Scorecard” that enables executive management and the board to track the progress of the organization’s security posture.

Financial institutions are feeling increased pressure from customers and regulators to defend customer data in their possession against security breaches. Given the recent Cybersecurity Assessment Tool released by the FFIEC on June 30, 2015, many organizations are finding themselves with more questions than answers:

  • How can we improve our maturity level?
  • Where can we go for the Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning required by advance maturity levels?
  • How can I be sure my security investments are working correctly?
  • Will my current security controls adequately protect the institution and our customers in the event of a security incident?

Our Team

Scott Sommer is a founder of Cornerstone Advisors and specializes in strategic planning, mergers, and acquisitions. Sommer’s prior experience includes

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Terence Roche is a founder of Cornerstone Advisors. He specializes in strategic planning, payments, system selections, and human resources. His

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Steve Williams is a founder of Cornerstone Advisors and leads the firm’s Strategic Planning practice. Steve’s prior experience includes being

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Bob Roth leads Contract Negotiations and Payments for Cornerstone Advisors. Bob has negotiated hundreds of contracts with industry vendors resulting

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Eric Weikart leads Performance Solutions for Cornerstone Advisors. Eric quarterbacks a team specializing in improving performance, processes, and operating efficiency

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Brad Smith leads Technology Solutions for Cornerstone Advisors including vendor performance management, technology assessments, systems selections, implementations and conversions. He

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Quintin has nearly 30 years of technology and operations experience in financial services companies. He has served in multiple executive

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Sam Kilmer specializes in strategic planning, marketing, and delivery at Cornerstone Advisors.  Sam’s prior experience includes strategy, analytics, digital delivery,

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Ron Shevlin leads research at Cornerstone Advisors including the Cornerstone Performance Report and the Insight Vault. Cited often in the

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Andrea Lipo leads operations and information technology at Cornerstone Advisors. She leads process improvement, program management, strategy, and customer service

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Mary Anne Keegan leads Marketing at Cornerstone Advisors. Mary Anne’s prior experience includes leading marketing and corporate communications for global

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