Commercial Lending

Cornerstone knows, understands and delivers the competitive advantage our clients can gain by achieving what is possible in process improvement and automation in the commercial lending space.

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Competitive Advantage

Process Knowledge

Quickly and effectively move towards best in class.        Maturity Matrix

Vendor Knowledge

Specific, unbiased knowledge of vendors and lending platforms.    System Selection

Proven Framework

Evaluate for efficiency and profitability.          Future State Design

Performance Metrics

Compare performance and staffing to peer financial institutions.Commercial Scorecard Assessment


Assessment & Design

Application of gritty & proven best practices.


System Selections

Tailored framework to confidently select the best vendor and system.



Roll up our sleeves to make the strategic vision a reality.


Performance Scorecard

Direct comparison to peers to generate a substantial return.


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Jason Bourne the Banker

In the lending space we may need to start thinking about alternative lenders as the Jason Bournes of the industry. Like Bourne, they’re nimble, quick on their feet and playing by a disruptive set of rules to capture a growing share of unsecured consumer and small business loans

Meet the Team

Joel Pruis specializes in commercial lending, small business lending, and performance improvement at Cornerstone Advisors. He has helped numerous financial

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Joe Ganzelli Sr. specializes in Commercial and Small Business loan origination and overall process efficiencies, with particular focus on revenue

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Eric Weikart leads Performance Solutions for Cornerstone Advisors. Eric quarterbacks a team specializing in improving performance, processes, and operating efficiency

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Daryl Jones specializes in consumer lending, mortgage lending, performance and process improvement at Cornerstone Advisors. Daryl helps clients by leading

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