Call Center Performance

We help clients transform their call centers and outperform peers in the age of digital disruption.

Competitive Advantage

The Data

Enable clients to actively manage service, staffing, and production levels.    

Industry Intel

Insights into process design, technology utilization, and organization.

Up-to-date intel on all relevant industry players based on facilitation of 50+ demos per year.


Proven Framework

Quickly identify high impact opportunities and get to work on execution.

Revenue Enhancement

Experience helping client call centers navigate the transition from inbound, order taking to becoming production-oriented profit centers.


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Meet the Team

Ryan Brogan specializes in contact center and lending performance improvement and benchmarking for Cornerstone Advisors. He helps financial institutions outperform

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Eric Weikart leads Performance Solutions for Cornerstone Advisors. Eric quarterbacks a team specializing in improving performance, processes, and operating efficiency

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Ryan Myers specializes in process improvement, strategy, and customer relationship management systems at Cornerstone Advisors. He helps clients achieve better

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Tim Daley specializes in channels, mobile, and web banking at Cornerstone Advisors. Tim helps clients navigate shifting channel preferences and

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Daryl Jones specializes in consumer lending, mortgage lending, performance and process improvement at Cornerstone Advisors. Daryl helps clients by leading

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Jim Burson specializes in strategic and Delivery Channel planning at Cornerstone Advisors. Jim helps clients achieve improved revenue performance and

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Thomas Milillo specializes in performance, process improvement, and lending at Cornerstone Advisors. Thomas helps clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability

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