Delivery Channels

Increase your return on channels with our integrated services and proprietary research


Benefits to You

Financially grounded methodology to assess and improve performance.

Detailed customer experience and sales production recommendations.

Best technology partners and solutions to meet your unique strategic requirements.

A single, integrated Road Map to manage delivery channel investments and initiatives.

Competitive Advantage

Proprietary Return on Channels financial model helps executives optimize delivery channel investments and ensure expectations are monitored and achieved.

Industry benchmarks and leading best practices are vital for implementing ambitious improvements to enhance revenue, control costs and drive experience.


  • Collect client delivery channel volumes, staffing and I.T. environment information
  • Survey managers and customers regarding delivery channel performance
  • Conduct onsite executive and operational interviews and assess current delivery channel operations and performance

  • Develop a formal Delivery Channel Assessment
  • Present results and explore strategies in interactive executive planning session
  • Align channel strategies with targeted strategic objectives

  • Channel Road Map and Return on Channel (ROC) financial model targets revenue growth and maximized efficiency
  • Select and implement the right delivery channel technology solutions

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Jim Burson specializes in strategic and Delivery Channel planning at Cornerstone Advisors. Jim helps clients achieve improved revenue performance and

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Tim Daley specializes in channels, mobile, and web banking at Cornerstone Advisors. Tim helps clients navigate shifting channel preferences and

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Steve Williams is a founder of Cornerstone Advisors and leads the firm’s Strategic Planning practice. Steve’s prior experience includes being

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