Delivery Channel Optimization

Cornerstone Advisors has the insight and tools to help financial institutions move away from their branch-centric perspective and embrace a more holistic approach to delivery channel performance


Areas of Expertise

Return on Channel (ROC) Calculation

In order to accurately assess the impact of strategic decisions relative to channel investments, financial institutions must move away from the traditional P&L model. Cornerstone has developed the ROC, a proprietary financial model to provide a clear and objective view into the performance of individual delivery channels and calculate the true Return on Channel from both sales and retention.

Whether closing a branch, adding seats in a contact center, or investing in upgraded mobile capabilities, our ROC framework forces all delivery channel investments to be measured objectively.

Branch Evolution Strategy

To make significant and crucial investments in digital delivery channels, FI’s need a comprehensive plan for transforming their branch strategy and resource allocation. Cornerstone helps clients build an integrated strategy to overhaul the sales culture within the branch and measure the impact of branch openings, closings and moves.

An optimized branch game plan allows capital that is allocated to this under-producing channel to be reallocated to mobile and digital offerings.

Contact Center Strategy

As call centers have evolved into multi-point customer contact centers and now play an increasingly vital role in the customer experience, it is critical that the underlying infrastructure, processes, and performance metrics are optimized.

Combining the knowledge gained from our customer engagements with the proprietary peer benchmark data in our Performance Vault, Cornerstone Advisors can help position your contact center to be future ready with proactive technology and customer engagement strategies.

ATM/ITM Strategy | Strategy | Implementation

Nearly 50 years after the first ATM was installed in the U.S., financial institutions are faced with the need to commit significant resources to modernize their networks. Cornerstone Advisors provides clients an objective analysis to determine if it makes economic and strategic sense to move forward with an enhanced ATM or ITM implementation. If there is a clear business case to invest, we will employ our industry and vendor knowledge to create and manage the RFP and vendor selection process.

Our proprietary data engine and financial models give us the ability to ensure best contracting terms and pricing are negotiated and a successful implementation can begin.

Digital Strategy and Roadmap

With the majority of consumers using digital platforms in their daily lives, they now expect the same convenience and service from their financial institution.

This has been a catalyst for banks and credit unions to realize the need to transform to a digital-first business model. Combining our knowledge of industry best practices with the peer benchmark data in our Performance Vault, Cornerstone creates a comprehensive performance assessment and detailed plan focused on near and long-term improvements to be made on the road to digital maturity, future readiness and increased revenue.

Digital System Selection | Implementation for Retail and Commercial Cash Management

The right technology lays the groundwork for an institution’s future ready, high performing digital capabilities. Leveraging our hands-on experience and proven approach, Cornerstone can establish key criteria for vendor RFPs and provide recommendations on the vendor evaluation and selection process.

Using the Cornerstone Contract Vault™, our proprietary data engine and financial models, we ensure best contracting terms and pricing are negotiated and a successful implementation of the new system can begin.

Digital Revenue Growth

To survive and grow in today’s mobile-first world, financial institutions must innovate and exploit their mobile capabilities to increase customer engagement and generate revenue. Cornerstone works with clients to build an integrated plan to identify and maximize revenue and customer opportunities within their mobile channel.

Opportunities range from the processes and systems that enable online account opening and loan origination to harnessing the marketing insights from data analytics to create relevant and timely offers and content that resonates with customers and drives them to take action.

Evaluate and approach your delivery channels in new ways and be future ready, today.

Benefits to You

Financially grounded methodology to assess and improve performance.

Detailed customer experience and sales production recommendations.

Best technology partners and solutions to meet your unique strategic requirements.

A single, integrated Road Map to manage delivery channel investments and initiatives.

Competitive Advantage

Proprietary Return on Channels financial model helps executives optimize delivery channel investments and ensure expectations are monitored and achieved.

Industry benchmarks and leading best practices are vital for implementing ambitious improvements to enhance revenue, control costs and drive experience.


  • Collect client delivery channel volumes, staffing and I.T. environment information
  • Survey managers and customers regarding delivery channel performance
  • Conduct onsite executive and operational interviews and assess current delivery channel operations and performance

  • Develop a formal Delivery Channel Assessment
  • Present results and explore strategies in interactive executive planning session
  • Align channel strategies with targeted strategic objectives

  • Channel Road Map and Return on Channel (ROC) financial model targets revenue growth and maximized efficiency
  • Select and implement the right delivery channel technology solutions

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