Merger Contract Negotiation Services

We can deliver a merger negotiation strategy and lead you through contract evaluations, product selections, and negotiation of final contracts.

Strategic Focus is Key

Vendor agreements and a clear system direction must be established before merger work can proceed. Decisions on which systems to keep are based on sound functionality, benefit analysis, and financial modeling.

Sample System Audit

Merger Negotiations


Speed is of the Essence

There inevitably will be ‘onerous’ contracts in the mix between both institutions. Extending these without proper due diligence and market intel can ‘double down’ with existing vendors and delay achieving the targeted financial flexibility.

  • Contracts need to be terminated,
  • Liquidated damages need to be validated, (and negotiated where possible)
  • New agreements must be established that are commensurate with the merged institution’s combined volumes.

Vendors we negotiate with:

Merger Negotiations Vendors

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