Financial Institutions don’t negotiate contracts everyday but vendors do. We bring our knowledge and experience to the table to level the playing field resulting in best in class contracts for our clients.

Bob Roth

Want to significantly reduce your technology costs and improve your current vendor contract? Give me a call to get started.

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Building a Contract Negotiation Roadmap for Your Institution

Join us to gain insight into how a Contract Negotiation Roadmap maximizes your leverage in…

Meet the Team

Bob Roth leads Contract Negotiations and Payments for Cornerstone Advisors. Bob has negotiated hundreds of contracts with industry vendors resulting

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Mike Armbruster specializes in contract negotiations, technology, implementations and conversions at Cornerstone Advisors. Mike helps clients execute successful conversions and

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Jen Wagner specializes in contract negotiations with an emphasis on payments, marketing and training at Cornerstone Advisors. Jen focuses on

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