Leverage more than 15,000 pricing data points acquired through numerous system selection negotiations, contract renewals and benchmarking engagements along with our proven methodologies to get the most advantageous contract for your institution – no matter the size. Services include Core Selections and Renewals, and In-house vs. Services Bureau Evaluations.

Ryan Rackley
Senior Director

Want to significantly reduce your technology costs and improve your current vendor contract? Give me a call to get started.

The Table Stakes of Vendor Partnerships

The vendor that can get rid of the silos and be known as a straight-shooter in contractual relationships will get attention from bankers who need real partners to execute their technology strategies fast.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

To come out on top, executives need to lead the charge in reviewing vendor contracts.

10 Ways to Tame the Irrational Vendor Pricing Beast

The one consistent thing we see across third party banking systems is totally irrational pricing. How can bankers combat all the pricing weirdness?

Meet the Team

Niel Devasir is an accomplished executive leader bringing 20 years of financial services experience to Cornerstone Advisors. Niel has a track

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Bob Roth leads Contract Negotiations and Payments for Cornerstone Advisors. Bob has negotiated hundreds of contracts with industry vendors resulting

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Mike Armbruster specializes in contract negotiations, technology, implementations and conversions at Cornerstone Advisors. Mike helps clients execute successful conversions and

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Jen Wagner specializes in contract negotiations with an emphasis on payments, marketing and training at Cornerstone Advisors. Jen focuses on

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