Executive Roundtables

Creative collaboration among bankers can be turned into collective intelligence.

There are hundreds of conferences, roundtables, and industry events to attend every year; Cornerstone Executive Roundtables are unlike any other. Our roundtables provide the perfect setting for peer collaboration with 12 to 15 of the industry’s top leaders and Cornerstone experts. Attendees build a network of valuable relationships and gain access to Cornerstone’s proprietary data, research, and deep industry expertise.

Every roundtable is hosted at different resorts across the country featuring unique atmospheres for dinner, cocktail hours, and options for golf where available. There will also be exactly zero vendors or sales pitches.

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Bank Executive Roundtables Schedule

September 19-21, 2021Bank CFO RoundtableInterContinental® – Chicago, IL

Credit Union Executive Roundtables Schedule

September 21-23, 2021Credit Union CFO RoundtableInterContinental® – Chicago, IL

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