Quarterly Report for
Credit Union Executives


Description: Approx. 25 pages

Delivery: Fulfilled quarterly via email

Price: $3,995


Insight Vault findings draw on Cornerstone Advisors’ exclusive research, operational benchmark data, and real-world experiences from consulting engagements nationwide.

  • Expert analysis of trends, research and planning insights
  • Provocative ideas about the industry that bankers won’t find anywhere else
  • We don’t just give you the what, we give you the SO WHAT?
  • Straight to the point—with no fuzzy stuff or buzzwords


Every quarter, Insight Vault subscribers have the opportunity to engage, one-on-one, with a Cornerstone Advisors consultant to discuss how our findings specifically apply to their institutions.


  • News Not Noise - What do select industry happenings mean to your institution? What should you do (or not do) about them?
  • Dashboard Insights - How did credit unions fare last quarter? What do the numbers mean in the big scheme of things?
  • Research Insights - Be among the first to see just-released or not-yet-released peer studies conducted by Cornerstone Advisors.
  • Operational Insights - Real-life benchmarks and analysis to help you develop operational strategies
  • Tech Trends - What does that must-have new technology mean to your bottom line—if anything?
  • Food For Thought - Does that hot new initiative come with a viable value proposition? How can you make the most of an opportunity?
  • Disruptor Watch - Who are the industry noisemakers and why should you notice them?
  • Planning Insights - Where can credit unions find efficiencies and cost savings? We’ll show you the numbers.
  • Research Nuggets - Here to help you separate fact from fluff in the surveys and analysis flying around in the marketplace.
  • That’s What S/He Said - Real credit union execs said it, we heard it, and maybe we have a little something to say about it.


Credit union executives can request a sample Insight Vault here.