The Battle For P2P Payments Supremacy

A well-articulated payments strategy should dictate FIs’ choice of P2P payment providers.

Will Square Be the Next P2P Provider to Get Into Banking?

Square’s CFO confirms the deposit displacement impact of P2P payments.

Inside Google and Mastercard’s Secret Sales Tracking Deal

FIs should be concerned about how the card networks are sharing (or selling) data.

Payment Trends: A Real Debit Downer

The credit boomlet and debit downer shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Card Fraud Down Thanks to EMV

In-person card fraud is down thanks to chip cards. Kind of. Maybe.

Disrupting Payday Lending (And The Paycheck)

Walmart will let employees take free advances on their paychecks with help from a fintech startup called PayActiv.

PFM, Prepaid, And P2P From MasterCard

Does MasterCard’s new “payments innovation hub” make sense for consumers and financial institutions?

Target Launches Digital Wallet

How does Target’s launch of a digital wallet square with what consumers want?

PayPal Launches Gift Cards

PayPal’s move into P2P gift cards is aligned with consumers’ interest in using PayPal for retail purposes.

Barclays Tests Digital Receipts

Barclays Bank is testing digital receipt technology with 10,000 of its customers.

Ho-Ho-Holiday Spending

Holiday spending in 2017 is projected to be at its highest level since the financial crisis.

Apple Pay Adoption: Real or Not?

Apple said Apple Pay accounts for 90% of all mobile contactless transactions where it’s available.

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