Community Banks Form Fintech Alliance: Should You Join?

A consortium of mid-size banks was created to foster fintech partnerships.

Data Sharing and Privacy: Fintech Users’ Delusions and Deceptions

The onus is on banks–not fintechs–to educate consumers on how data is shared.

How Banks and Credit Unions Should Select Fintech Partners

Everybody wants to partner with fintech startups. But does anybody know how?

Disrupting Payday Lending (And The Paycheck)

Walmart will let employees take free advances on their paychecks with help from a fintech startup called PayActiv.

What Does Your FI “Aspire” To Be?

Fintech startup Aspiration received $47 million in funding. Why can’t existing FIs do what these micro-niche startups do?

Barclays Tests Digital Receipts

Barclays Bank is testing digital receipt technology with 10,000 of its customers.

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