The Insight Vault draws on Cornerstone Advisors’ exclusive research, operational benchmark data, and best practices gleaned from consulting engagements nationwide to provide provocative ideas and analyses about the industry that bankers won’t find anywhere else. We don’t just give you the what, we give you the So What? Here’s what you’ll find:

  • News Not Noise. This is Cornerstone’s take on the current events. It’s more than just an environmental scan—we gather the thoughts and opinions of various Cornerstone consultants to provide the So What? of current happening in the industry. News Not Noise posts are typically posted a few times a week.
  • Tech Trends. What’s going on with technology in banking? Who are the disruptors you need to watch out for? What’s the ROI of technology? We address these questions in the Tech Trends section.
  • Performance. What are benchmarks for spending, staffing, productivity, and channel performance? What do best practice banks and credit unions do? Posts in this section draw from our Cornerstone Performance Report and from our consulting experiences.
  • Ideas. What are the new concepts impacting banking? How are business models changing? This section will get you and your management team thinking about and discussing the issues and ideas that will impact your institution over the next few years.
  • Research. Whether it’s looking at our own proprietary research, or research done elsewhere in the industry, the Insight Vault provide an analysis of what the research means to you.

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Insight Vault is delivered to you by Ron Shevlin, research director at Cornerstone Advisors. Ron is a fintech influencer who is frequently cited in the industry press, and is a nationally sought-after speaker who has appeared at leading industry events. Ron is the author of Smarter Bank and The Financial Brand’s Snarketing column, Ron’s prior experience includes research and consulting for Aite Group, Forrester, and KPMG.