Highlights (and Lowlights) From Finovate Spring 2018

There were some great moments at Finovate Spring 2018.

Are The Mobile Pays–Apple, Android, and Samsung–In Trouble?

Despite increase usage, fewer users would recommend the services to others.

Digital Lending Innovations

Digital lending innovations from European and Asian leaders like mBank, CaixaBank, ING Bank, and DBS.

How to Be a Twitter Star: Advice for Bank and Credit Union CEOs

The real question to address is whether or not it’s worth the effort to become a Twitter star.

Technology Considerations in Commercial Lending Transformations

Commercial lending initiatives must take user experience and data strategy into consideration.

Payment Authentication Trends

Nearly half of financial institutions are working on higher levels of biometrics authentication.

A New Breed of Vendors: Platform Services Providers

A new breed of fintech vendors–platform services providers–is emerging.

Using Mobile Location Data

To compete in today’s market, FIs must do a better job of using data foroffense vs. defense. Mobile location data can help.

Who Will Win the P2P Payments Battle?

Who will win the P2P payments war—will it be Venmo, Zelle, Apple, Facebook, or will FIs emerge victorious?

The Digital Account Opening Imperative

The increase in digital account opening activity is a sign that FIs are taking digital acquisition seriously.


Mid-sized FIs have tough vendor decisions to make if their vendors don’t stay on top of blockchain trends.

The Quest for Video Teller ROI

FIs that go tellerless see greater utilization of ITMs. Realizing productivity gains is another story, however.

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