The Battle For P2P Payments Supremacy

A well-articulated payments strategy should dictate FIs’ choice of P2P payment providers.

The Looming AI Gap

Mid-size FIs need better data to close the growing AI gap.

Financial Institutions Need a Fintech Partnership Competency

Fintech partnerships will fizzle if FIs don’t develop certain competencies first.

Mobile Banking Features at the Top 70 Banks: Are You Keeping Pace?

Megabanks lead the way on mobile banking features. Can others catch up? Should they?

What is the Federal Reserve Learning About Artificial Intelligence?

The regulatory approaches the Fed is calling for regarding AI are unenforceable.

What Other Banks Can Learn from BofA’s Erica

Chatbot deployment should be driven by real business needs and opportunities, not by an exploration of what AI can do.

Bank of America App

Merchant Mobile Apps: A Growing Threat To Banks’ Interchange Revenue

Increased consumer usage of merchant apps to make payments is bad for banks.

Are Banks Really Losing Business to Fintech Lenders?

Anyone can lend money–getting it back is the hard part. The first step is knowing who to lend it to in the first place.

Consumer Reports’ P2P Payments Ranking is Useless

Consumer Reports’ rating ignores how people use the services, and how they decide which one to use.

Will Smart Speakers Replace Smartphones?

Financial institutions need to pay attention to the adoption rate and usage patterns among smart speaker owners.

The Mobile Banking Features Consumers Want (But Don’t Have)

Think security and protection–not data and advice.

What’s the Business Case for Zelle?

Zelle is a hot topic among banks and credit unions these days. Is there a business case for offering the service?

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