The View From The C-Suite: Growing Pessimism

CEO optimism for 2019 slips for the second straight year amid rate and deposit gathering concerns.

Is Fintech Bad For Your (Financial) Health?

Financial literacy isn’t the panacea some would like to make it out to be.

Did Amazon Miss the Window to Launch a Checking Account?

Interest in an Amazon checking account declined year-over-year. Did Amazon miss the boat?

Data Sharing and Privacy: Fintech Users’ Delusions and Deceptions

The onus is on banks–not fintechs–to educate consumers on how data is shared.

What’s In Your Ad? A Machine Learning Analysis of Bank Advertisements

The analysis reveals frequently used keywords and racial and gender composition of actors.

How Consumers Choose a Bank: The Value/Features/Fee Tradeoff

When it comes to choosing a bank, consumers fall into one of three segments.

How Consumers Choose a Bank: A Tale of Two Surveys

Consumers want convenient branch locations–but a great in-branch experience isn’t very important.

How Does Your Bank’s Marketing Performance Stack Up?

Calculate your Marketing Intensity Ratio to better assess marketing performance.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Creating a culture of innovation starts with taking stock of today’s culture.

Credit Union Checking Accounts Have Highest Value (But it Doesn’t Matter)

Credit union members think their checking accounts are a great value. So what?

Millennials Want Non-Financial Products From Banks and Credit Unions

Millennials want services like cell phone damage protection from banks, And Amazon, of course.

The State of Small Business Borrowing

The So What? of the Fed’s 2017 survey on small business lending.

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