Venmo Launches a Debit Card, Is Zelle the Response?

A Venmo debit card means more deposit displacement to banks and credit unions.

Guess Who Holds the Most Blockchain Patents?

I’m afraid you’ll have to read the post to find out the answer to the question.

House-Poor Families and Long Commutes

The Case-Shiller 20 City Home Price Index has reached pre-crisis levels.

The Cultural Differences Behind Megabanks’ and Smaller FIs’ IT Spend

As a % of assets, megabanks spend twice as much as mid-size banks.

Will Square Threaten Banks to Be Consumers’ Primary Bank Account?

Square’s success means that banks must find ways to preserve revenue sources.

Is It an Apple Co-Branded Card or a Goldman Sachs Co-Branded Card?

The press attention to this non-announcement is way out of line with its potential market impact.

What Do Other FIs Need to Do About Big Banks’ Deposit Domination?

Big banks are dominating deposits. Better mobile banking isn’t the way to fight back.

The Featurization of PFM: Why Citi Won’t Steal Customers With Its Mobile PFM App

Efforts to get non-customers to use Citi’s PFM app will fail.

SalesForce’s Acquisition of MuleSoft Will Enable API-Based Competition in Banking

The impact could go beyond just system integration.

Amazon to Partner With JPMorgan Chase on a Checking Account

Do consumers want a checking account from Amazon?

How Many Americans Have a Credit Card?

Sources differ widely in their estimates of how many Americans have a credit card. Who’s right might not matter.

The Hidden Risks and Meanings in Fintech Vendor Earnings Statements

Vendor earnings statements provide signals about branch transformation and vendor risk.

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