MasterCard to Bring Real-Time Payments to Mobile Banking

Finextra reported that: “Mastercard is working on a new technology platform to support bill payments via mobile banking apps, created to help banks recover ground lost to multiple direct billing sites. The new real-time service, dubbed Bill Pay Exchange, will make it easier for consumers to view, manage and pay telecom, utility, rent, credit card, […]

Wells Fargo Joins the Digital Bank Bandwagon

Wells thinks it’s going to attract “new to banking” customers with Greenhouse, its new digital-only offering. I disagree.

Investors’ Cash Balances at Record Lows

As if deposit growth wasn’t hard enough.

Will Square Be the Next P2P Provider to Get Into Banking?

Square’s CFO confirms the deposit displacement impact of P2P payments.

Inside Google and Mastercard’s Secret Sales Tracking Deal

FIs should be concerned about how the card networks are sharing (or selling) data.

You Invest: JPMorgan Chase’s Answer to Deposit Displacement

The new investment app is about more than just investing.

Zillow Acquires

Zillow and Credit Karma Move Deeper Into Mortgages

The deals are about vertical integration and business model change (and conflict).

Highlights and Recommendations from the Treasury’s Report on Fintech

A look into the consumer data, payments, lending, and regulatory sandbox sections.

Chase’s Finn is a Threat to Banks and Credit Unions

Digital banks are a threat to traditional FIs because consumers are “accessorizing” their checking accounts.

Venmo Launches a Debit Card, Is Zelle the Response?

A Venmo debit card means more deposit displacement to banks and credit unions.

Guess Who Holds the Most Blockchain Patents?

I’m afraid you’ll have to read the post to find out the answer to the question.

House-Poor Families and Long Commutes

The Case-Shiller 20 City Home Price Index has reached pre-crisis levels.

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