Debunking the Fintech Failure Hype

The fintech you compete with today might be the vendor you buy from tomorrow.

Baby Boomers: The New Emerging Bank Consumer Segment

Will Boomers be the next emerging set of banking consumers?

Are You Future-Ready?

Try this before your next executive team meeting: Ask the exec team to rate the firm’s future-readiness.

Culture Change for Innovation

Too much of the focus around innovation is on idea creation, and not on idea execution.

The Platformification of Banking

Most FIs lack the skills to partner with fintechs. The “platformification” of banking will help.

Creating P2P Payment Revenue Opportunities

The key to driving P2P payments growth—and revenue—is addressing specific P2P use cases.

Incorporating P2P Lending Practices

FIs can improve loan market share by creating a community of lenders and borrowers–just like P2P lenders.

What to Tell the Board About Marketing Strategy

It’s not the board’s job to set marketing strategy–it’s to ask the right questions about it.

Technology Management Complexity

IT architecture at mid-sized FIs may not be very complex, but tech management might be.

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