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The Five Problems With Personalization

It’s time to rethink and be honest about the promise of personalization.

What is the Federal Reserve Learning About Artificial Intelligence?

The regulatory approaches the Fed is calling for regarding AI are unenforceable.

Is Fintech Bad For Your (Financial) Health?

Financial literacy isn’t the panacea some would like to make it out to be.

Community Banks Form Fintech Alliance: Should You Join?

A consortium of mid-size banks was created to foster fintech partnerships.

Did Amazon Miss the Window to Launch a Checking Account?

Interest in an Amazon checking account declined year-over-year. Did Amazon miss the boat?

IBM Acquires Red Hat: What it Means to Banks

IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat has implications for banks–even those not currently using IBM.

The Unbanked: Not a Problem in the US

At an all-time low, Unbanked consumers in the US ceases to be a problem worth addressing.

MasterCard to Bring Real-Time Payments to Mobile Banking

A real time bill payment offering is not going to change consumer behavior.

What Other Banks Can Learn from BofA’s Erica

Chatbot deployment should be driven by real business needs and opportunities, not by an exploration of what AI can do.

Wells Fargo Joins the Digital Bank Bandwagon

Wells thinks it’s going to attract “new to banking” customers with Greenhouse, its new digital-only offering. I disagree.

Investors’ Cash Balances at Record Lows

As if deposit growth wasn’t hard enough.

2018 Q3 Insight Vault

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