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Carmaggedon On the Horizon?

Forecasts of a decline in auto sales for 2018 are missing the bigger picture.

The Last Thing We Need is a Smarter Payment Card

A multi-account physical payment card is a great idea. If it’s 2008.

Holiday Retail Boom:  Physical Retail Not Dead Yet? 

It isn’t about “life” or”death”–but about resource allocation and where to put your money.

What Are Consumers Looking For in a Checking Account?

Low monthly fee is the most popular feature, but not everyone says that’s important.

Save Us From the Data Breach Prevention and Compensation Act

Elizabeth Warren’s latest proposed data breach bill is a terrible idea.

Ten Years Later: How 50 Banking Metrics Changed 2007-2017

Banks’ operational performance has changed over the past 10 years. Not always for the better.

Complaints With the CFPB Complaint Database

Money’s article on banking-related complaints in the CFPB database is skewed and invalid.

Quest for Video Teller ROI

The business cases and operational performance for ITMs in mid-size FIs.

Digital Banking Leadership: Measures That Matter

Digital banking benchmarks for mid-size financial institutions.

The Coming Cybersecurity/ Data Sharing Clash

Calls for greater cybersecurity standards are on a collision path with regulatory directions for data sharing across FIs.

Payment Trends: A Real Debit Downer

The credit boomlet and debit downer shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Card Fraud Down Thanks to EMV

In-person card fraud is down thanks to chip cards. Kind of. Maybe.