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2018 Q4 Insight Vault

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A Titanium Card Won’t Guarantee Apple’s Credit Card Success

Apple’s new credit card is doomed to fail.

The Battle For P2P Payments Supremacy

A well-articulated payments strategy should dictate FIs’ choice of P2P payment providers.

The Looming AI Gap

Mid-size FIs need better data to close the growing AI gap.

Financial Institutions Need a Fintech Partnership Competency

Fintech partnerships will fizzle if FIs don’t develop certain competencies first.

The View From The C-Suite: Growing Pessimism

CEO optimism for 2019 slips for the second straight year amid rate and deposit gathering concerns.

Mobile Banking Features at the Top 70 Banks: Are You Keeping Pace?

Megabanks lead the way on mobile banking features. Can others catch up? Should they?

Mobile Banking Features at Top 70 Banks

Companion spreadsheet to Mobile Banking Features at the Top 70 Banks: Are You Keeping Pace? post in Fintech section. 

The Five Problems With Personalization

It’s time to rethink and be honest about the promise of personalization.

What is the Federal Reserve Learning About Artificial Intelligence?

The regulatory approaches the Fed is calling for regarding AI are unenforceable.

Is Fintech Bad For Your (Financial) Health?

Financial literacy isn’t the panacea some would like to make it out to be.

Community Banks Form Fintech Alliance: Should You Join?

A consortium of mid-size banks was created to foster fintech partnerships.