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Neobanks say they're unfazed by old guard’s overdraft moves

“Fintechs have done a good job of positioning banks on the wrong side of the overdraft issue,” said Alex Johnson, director of fintech research at Cornerstone Advisors. “Even if the actual product and cost are not that radically different, the perception in the market is that banks are ripping consumers off with these fees and neobanks are trying to fix that.”

17 min read

Fintech Deals to Watch: Back to School

Most fintech companies are fine, but they’ve stopped blowing off econ class for mimosa brunches. The energy and...
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Bye, Bye Airline Miles and Cash Back

Gonzobankers might want to warn their customers that their credit card rewards may go away because the merchants’...
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Banking’s Hard Fork in the Post-Neobank Era

Delivering a better customer experience is not the only way for banks to gain a competitive advantage in this...