Cornerstone negotiates with Visa and Mastercard for the highest level of incentives and the lowest fees.  Our card branding negotiators assist our clients by soliciting bids and negotiating with the vendor(s) for market ready agreements that properly reward our clients for their relationships.

Our Expertise

This is not just a negotiating exercise. Revenue generation and expense reduction are key.

  • This is the biggest revenue enhancing project that your organization may dive into in the short term.
  • Negotiate incentives for the exclusive privilege of being on the front of your cards.
  • Reduce card network fees.


Use our focused process to get the most out of your card brand relationship.

  • Understand mechanics of interchange and network fees.
  • Identify programs and improve relationships with brand to enhance portfolio.
  • Establish better reporting from your card brand.
  • Evaluate new products to increase debit traffic without increasing marketing spend.

Brandi Gregory

Our team has experience in negotiating card branding incentive packages – let us help you get the best deal.

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