Vendor Examination Preparation and Support

We help you prepare for your exam, support you while examiners are onsite and help you address any post exam clean up


While vendor management is an ongoing process, you’ll need to show your Board and examiners the results of all your hard work.  We’ll help you get prepared for your exams and Board presentations.

Our vendor examination preparation service includes:

When your examiners are onsite, we stand ready to help you answer their questions, pull additional reports, even create docs on the fly, etc. And should they have follow up questions or recommendations, we’ll help you get those resolved, too.

Key Features:

  • Turnkey, comprehensive reporting package for your Board and examiners
  • Helps you satisfy the FFIEC requirement for Board-level visibility
  • Above and beyond. In addition to our reviews, we create a vendor risk action plan that turns our recommendations into execution tasks with dates and responsibilities.
  • Learn what the examiners are focused on each examination cycle to be better prepared
  • Examiner-approved. Our vendor scorecards and the methodology, reviews and scoring behind them have been approved by every regulatory agency.
  • For our vendor management software users, we’ll include our system generated reports along with our Powerpoint presentation(s)

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So, What Makes Us Different?


Let us do your vendor risk assessment, gather and review your vendors’ due diligence documents, and prepare your Board and examiner reports  for you. Examiners love having a third party review of your vendor management program.


We are in the vendor evaluation business, so we are evaluating all aspects of the major vendors every day. Not only do we review vendor financials and attend vendor earnings calls, but we meet with vendor executives  every Friday to get product, company  and security updates.  We track vendor wins and losses , monitor changes in market share , evaluate their products and know about problems before they’re public.


Many competing vendor management software and services are actually resold by your moderate to high risk vendors .

This means they will only share publicly available information. We on the other hand are Gonzo and share non-public vendor dirt every day, all day.