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Complete suite of services to save you time while reducing vendor risk and help you get through your exams and audits


Whether or not you use our vendor management software,  we can handle many of your vendor management program tasks and simplify your exams and Board presentations

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So, What Makes Us Different?


Services plus optional software = huge time savings and successful exams. Let us do your risk assessments, gather and review your due diligence documents, and create your Board and examiner presentations so you can focus your time on making the best business decisions  from our recommendations.


We are in the vendor evaluation business, so we are evaluating all aspects of the major vendors every day. Not only do we review vendor financials and attend vendor earnings calls, but we meet with vendor executives  every Friday to get product, company  and security updates.  We track vendor wins and losses , monitor changes in market share , evaluate their products and know about problems before they’re public.


Many competing vendor management software and services are actually resold by your moderate to high risk vendors. This means they will only share publicly available information. We on the other hand are Gonzo and share non-public vendor dirt every day, all day.