Using the latest in information security analysis networking technology, we can perform a detailed vulnerability scan of all of your bank’s network hosts accessible from the Internet. Based upon those results, penetration testing would be performed against identified hosts to determine their true risks. After we present the findings to you, we would then assist in eliminating any identified risks through recommendations.

Our bank external vulnerability testing includes a review of the following areas:

      • Internet access local to the bank (all devices on external subnet)
      • Web server (in-house or outsourced) and / or Internet Banking server (in-house or outsourced)
      • ASP servers, e-mail servers, DNS servers, and routers
      • Dial-in modems and telephone systems
      • All agreed externally accessible devices
Our security consultants are CISSP, NSA, and OPSA certified, and their understanding of how financial networks and applications transmit customer information allows the team to quickly and properly identify risks to your bank.