Document Imaging

We help you get the most out of your imaging system by implementing functionality like electronic signatures and workflow to help your organization become paperless and more efficient.

Competitive Advantage

Industry Experience

Over 15 years of document management, process improvement and image-based workflows.

Vendor Knowledge

Specific, unbiased knowledge of vendors and systems.

Leverage Systems

Imaging is more than an end-of-process document archive and report storage.

Proven Methodology

Integrate clients and vendors resulting in better solutions.


ECM Project Plan

Project plan to relaunch the system with a new team of system owners at the bank.

ECM Flowchart

Sample diagram that system administrators, subject matter experts, end-users and vendors can refer to all understand functionality.

Share-Drive Analysis

Output from a  script we run on shared drives to determine the types of documents that users work with during processes that are stored on the shared drive instead of in document management system.

Share-Drive Analysis 2

Output from a script to show share drive usage over time.


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