Bank Performance & Financial Efficiency Solutions

 Improve your bank's financial efficiency, generate new revenue, and increase customer responsiveness.


Cornerstone’s vault of proprietary benchmarking data, best practice assessments, and decades of combined industry experience deliver process re-engineering and profit improvement plans for your institution.

Bank Performance: Areas of Expertise

Benchmarking & Process Improvement

We help institutions achieve high performance levels of profitability, productivity and service by delivering industry best practices and over 200 proprietary metrics.

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Branch Performance

Gain access to our proprietary data which provides insights on branch productivity, earnings potential, and closure analysis with a detailed profit and loss overview for every location.

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Call Center Performance

We help clients transform their call centers and outperform peers in the age of digital disruption.

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Consumer Lending

We help clients create high-performing, user-friendly lending processes with a focus on digital lending and multi-channel delivery.

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Commercial Lending

Our competitive advantage delivers best in class process improvement and automation in the commercial lending space.

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Mortgage Lending

We help clients create profitable, best in class lending processes in a constantly evolving compliance and digital lending environment.

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Revenue Generation

Several factors contribute to revenue generation. Let us show you actionable opportunities within your organization.

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Customer Relationship Management

We ensure institutions implement customer relationship management software in a way that adds strategic value with a vendor capable of executing on the vision.

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Loan and Deposit Operations

We identify opportunities to transform your loan and deposit operations to provide an enhanced experience, improve efficiencies and achieve optimal performance.

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Cornerstone Advisors Banking Strategy

Meet the Bank Performance & Financial Efficiency Solutions Team

As co-leader of Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution Practice, Eric Weikart shows banks and credit unions how to use peer

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Daryl Jones puts his strong performance and process improvement background to work at Cornerstone, where he manages the Mortgage Lending

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In the commercial and small business segments, Joel Pruis brings more than 25 years of experience delivering fundamental change in

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Ryan Brogan specializes in performance improvement and benchmarking at Cornerstone Advisors with a key focus in contact centers and lending.

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Ryan Myers has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry with an emphasis on strategic planning and

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Thomas Milillo specializes in performance, process improvement, and lending at Cornerstone Advisors. Thomas helps clients achieve greater efficiency and profitability

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As a director in Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution practice, Michael Rempel specializes in lending solutions and works on a

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As a project administrator in the Strategy and Execution group at Cornerstone Advisors, Kim Frances specializes in administration and project

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Cornerstone Bank Performance Report

The Cornerstone Bank Performance Report delivers the latest trends and data to help banks become high performing organizations.

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