Credit Card DeNovo Program

As other sources of revenue are eliminated or threatened, Credit Cards are a bright spot in today’s climate of low interest rates and increased regulation.

Competitive Advantage

Industry Knowledge

We’ll help you understand what it takes to launch and support a credit card program and identify the best potential vendor partners.

Vendor Knowledge

Cornerstone has experience working with all major credit card processors and CUSO’s and we have deep knowledge of their services and pricing schemes.

Return on Investment Models

Financial models for each credit card processors that illustrate your breakeven point and potential revenue as you grow your program.

Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation

Cornerstone will guide you through the vendor selection process and negotiate the best possible agreement with your credit card provider.

Tony DeSanctis
Senior Director

I can show you how to increase revenue and expand customer relationships by launching a credit card program.

Bank Payments Roundtable

An executive exchange for Bank Payments executives to unlock the value of peer collaboration: share best practices, vet new ideas, and build productive relationships with fellow leaders.