Make the Right Decision, Save Money, Improve Performance

Are you frustrated with the return on your core vendor spending? Do you want to improve core utilization? Do you want to get better pricing on your renewal? Or perhaps consider other core vendor options? In today’s competitive environment, there is an incredible buyer’s market for better pricing, better functionality, and better service. So why not take advantage of this now.

Register for this complimentary executive briefing where we will share our experience in using today’s market conditions to build long-term core processing benefits.

We will discuss:

  • How to decide whether to renew your existing core contract or evaluate new options
  • How to decide in-house or outsourcing
  • If you decide to evaluate
    • The current trends in the core vendor marketplace
    • The five keys to successful core evaluations
    • The mistakes to avoid
  • For those that decide to renew
    • How to get better pricing right now
    • The three secrets to improving vendor pricing and performance through improved contracts
    • The mistakes to avoid
  • The vendor management guidance you need to be aware of

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