Tech spend is typically financial institutions’ second largest non-interest expense, and with COVID-related pressures on earnings, executives need to find opportunities to realize technology cost savings quickly.

So how can you quickly reduce tech spend without impacting customers? And how do you find those opportunities when CIOs don’t control all of that spend or have time to review spend for savings opportunities?

In this webinar, Quintin Sykes, Technology Solutions Group Leader, and John Venzon, IT Advisory Practice Leader, will share their approach to finding tech savings in 2020. Topics will include

  • How to find software, hardware, and network savings opportunities such as eliminating redundancy or improving pricing
  • How to reduce professional services/contract staffing spend based on revised 2020 project load or reduced pricing
  • How to reduce or redirect internal IT staff based on the current environment
  • How to rationalize and prioritize projects based on a business case ROI in a COVID environment
  • How to use technology spend benchmarks to identify cost saving opportunities

This webinar is exclusively for bank and credit union executives only.