This three-part webinar series will cover: core market trends and how it will impact your FI, whether you should renew or replace your core contract coming due before 2022 and how to maximize your tech spending in 2020. An overview of what will be presented in each webinar is outlined below:

Core Market Trends: How it Impacts Your FI

Tue., Nov. 5 @ 12 P.M. EST

Get insights into what the future looks like in the core vendor market and what you need to be prepared to drive your institution forward.

In this actionable webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the biggest trends are in the core vendor market
  • Which core vendors/products have the most market momentum
  • Whether niche players like Corelation, Finxact and Nymbus are challenging the Big 3 - FIS, Fiserv and Jack Henry/Symitar
  • Whether international core vendors are finally ready for prime time
  • Which cores are having success in the emerging neo and digital only banks

Duration: 45 min