Cornerstone Partnering with You During this Difficult Time

To Our Valued Clients,

The Cornerstone Advisors team is sending our thoughts, prayers and offerings of assistance as you work quickly to execute business continuity plans and address our nation’s health crisis. We salute how quickly executive teams have responded to this jolting change in 2020 – your customers, communities and team members are fortunate for your leadership.

Right now, the Cornerstone team feels a bit like a fleet of airplanes grounded on the runway. In 2019, our professionals spent more than 3,200 collective days on the road, working side by side with you on strategic, performance and technology priorities. Today, we have suspended all team member travel and we are rigorously adhering to the facility safety measures your companies have put in place.

For now, we want you to know that we are committed to continuously engaging our projects as much as possible through video and web conferencing, while being sensitive to the focus your team needs for pressing operational matters. Cornerstone’s business continuity plan, which considers a variety of crisis scenarios, is being executed. With our technology infrastructure in place, our professionals can continue to address your business needs wherever you are located. We want to stress our sincerest intent to remain in the foxhole with you as your institution executes a much different plan of action in 2020. Please know that we are a phone call or email away to gut check things you are working to address with heightened urgency.

We understand that going forward, new and difficult strategic decisions will be required to maintain current financial performance levels. We have tremendous data and benchmarks that can quickly be applied to your upcoming earnings reviews and plans of action. We can help engage your vendors in an accelerated fashion regarding performance, risk and costs of critical solutions, and we have experienced bank I.T. resources to help you address any gaps you might identify in supporting an effective remote culture for both your customers and workforce.

We want you to know that we remain committed to employing our talent, data and best practice capabilities to be there for the nation’s independent banks and credit unions that serve as the lifeblood of our financial system and economy.


Scott Sommer

Steve Williams

Terence Roche

Bob Roth

Eric Weikart