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Contract Opportunity Assessment


Cornerstone will provide specific recommendations that will detail the vendors and services with the greatest leverage and opportunity for renegotiation.

Detailed Analysis

The Contract Opportunity Assessment will include a review of:

  • Vendor information
  • Termination dates
  • Renewal notice periods and renewal terms
  • Detailed information on key pricing drivers
  • Analysis as to whether the contract is favorable, opportunistic or problematic from a pricing perspective
  • Strategic roadmap of contract negotiation opportunities with recommendations on when to initiate negotiations with each vendor
  • Overall strategy for the contract portfolio including possible strategies such as alignment, renegotiation, leaving in place, competitive bidding or further pricing review

Contracts Evaluated:

  • Core banking agreements
  • Internet banking agreements
  • Bill pay agreements
  • Item processing agreements
  • Electronic funds processing agreements
  • Electronic funds network interchange agreements
  • Card branding agreements
  • Telecommunications service agreements
  • Key ancillary systems agreements


Balance of Power

How community institutions can make sure their voices are heard when negotiating with third-party vendors.