w ww. f m s i n c . o r g 100 W. Monroe, Suite 810 Chicago, IL 60603 Tel: 312-578-1300 Fax: 2-578-1308 31 www.crnrstone.com 4725 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 102 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Tel: 480.423.2030 Fax: 480.481.6076 P R E S S R E L E A S E FMS OFFERS CORNERSTONE SYSTEM SELECTION SERVICES TO MEMBERS SCOTTSDALE, Arizona /April 28, 2003/ -- Cornerstone Advisors and the Financial Managers Society announced today an agreement under which FMS will offer Cornerstone’s technology assessment, vendor selection and contract negotiation services at discounted rates to its members. Following discussions with FMS, Cornerstone agreed to provide its System Selection Services to FMS members with a substantial reduction of its customary fees. The System Selection Services consist of five distinct phases that may be purchased from “select” offerings or as a discounted “package.” According to Cornerstone President and CEO Scott Sommer, “Although the five phases of the System Selection Services provide a comprehensive, start-to-finish vendor selection and contract negotiation experience, we did not want to discourage the financial institution with a system selection under way from getting the assistance it needs at any point in the process.” “Our goal is to provide technical and professional products and services to our 1,500 members from banks, thrifts, and credit unions, and we are hearing from our members a need for assistance with their vendor selections and contract negotiations,” said FMS President and CEO Dick Yingst. “It didn’t take long to learn that Cornerstone Advisors was the authoritative resource for us to partner with to offer these services to our membership.” Yingst said he was particularly impressed with the System Selection Guide and RFP Template provided in Cornerstone’s offering. “As we see it, annually updated core vendor summaries and contact information coupled with an RFP document that can be customized to an institution’s specific needs are invaluable tools to a bank or credit union undertaking what can be a daunting task,” Yingst observed. (more) FMS OFFERS CORNERSTONE SYSTEM SELECTION SERVICES TO MEMBERS Page 2 Both FMS members and nonmembers may learn more about the Cornerstone technology assessment, vendor selection and contract negotiation services offered through FMS at http://www.fmsinc.org/. Cornerstone Advisors, a management consulting firm focused exclusively on banks and credit unions, provides services in the areas of: strategic planning and facilitation, benchmarking and "best practices," process reengineering and profitability improvement, technology assessments and technology planning, system selection, and contract negotiation. The Financial Managers Society is the only professional membership society devoted exclusively to the needs of finance & accounting executives from banks, thrifts and credit unions. FMS offers career-enhancing education, specialized publications, national leadership opportunities, a voice in shaping regulations and accounting principles, and worldwide connections with other industry professionals. # # # CONTACT INFORMATION: Cate Pitts, Manager of Marketing and Communications Cornerstone Advisors (480) 423-2030 cpitts@crnrstone.com Jennifer L. Doak, Director of Marketing Financial Managers Society (312) 630-3422 jenniferd@fmsinc.org