4725 N. SCOTTSDALE ROAD, SUITE 250 • SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251 • T 480-423-2030 • WWW.CRNRSTONE.COM • WWW.GONZOBANKER.COM CONTACT INFORMATION: Bob Roth Cornerstone Advisors broth@crnrstone.com (785) 554-1306 Scott Cornell SilverCloud Knowledge Systems scott@silvercloudsystems.com (603) 772-5527 P R E S S R E L E A S E Cornerstone Advisors and SilverCloud release vBook series for Information Security and Risk Management Scottsdale, Ariz. /June 18, 2009/ – Cornerstone Advisors and SilverCloud Systems announce the release of the Cornerstone Advisors Risk Management vBook series for the SilverCloud KnowledgeBook platform. This series enables banks and credit unions to create or update their policies in the realm of Information Security and Risk Management, areas that are critical to the well-being and security of all financial institutions. Cornerstone Advisors focuses on helping financial institutions make their strategic plans a reality. The volumes included in this series contain policies and plans based on the experience and industry best practices that Cornerstone Advisors has used to make their clients successful. The series also contains the most up-to-date information regarding regulatory and compliance issues for banks and credit unions, respectively. The Risk Management series contains five volumes:  Business Continuity Plan - provides an overview of the process of restoring your Information Technology infrastructure and services after an incident or outage.  Incident Response Plan - defines the response to a significant information security event  Information Security - describes policies and procedures to safeguard your institution’s information  Records Management - provides safeguards for the security of all records within your organization  Vendor Management - provides a comprehensive policy for establishing relationships with all 3rd party vendors "In today's highly competitive banking environment, technology plays an ever increasing role in maintaining a competitive advantage,” said Bob Roth, senior director, risk management at Cornerstone Advisors. “Along with this technology comes the responsibility to use that technology in a manner that reduces the risk profile of the organization. We often see organizations that have the appropriate technology in place, but have not sufficiently surrounded that technology with appropriate controls via policies and procedures to mitigate risk. At Cornerstone, we understand that the best technicians are not always the best authors of documentation. We support their efforts through authoring and supplementing their documentation efforts." Cornerstone Advisors and SilverCloud Release vBook Series for Information Security and Risk Management June 19, 2009 Page 2 4725 N. SCOTTSDALE ROAD, SUITE 250 • SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251 • T 480-423-2030 • WWW.CRNRSTONE.COM • WWW.GONZOBANKER.COM Each book can be easily customized to reflect the specific policy nuances and personnel information for a particular financial institution. The KnowledgeBook platform creates a single, easily accessible portal from which all members of the organization can quickly find the most upto-date information on policies, forms and checklists. Additionally, an organization's existing policies and documents can be quickly and easily added to the KnowledgeBook platform, reducing redundancy and out-of-date versions while increasing productivity by ensuring that all employees can locate the information they need. "Our partnership with Cornerstone allows us to provide in-depth support for our clients in areas that are the most challenging in these uncertain times," said Scott Cornell, SilverCloud director of marketing. About Cornerstone Advisors Cornerstone Advisors, a management consulting firm focused exclusively on banks and credit unions, provides services in the areas of: strategic planning, benchmarking and best practices, process reengineering, technology assessment and planning, system selection and conversion oversight, vendor contract negotiation, risk management and merger integration. The Cornerstone team founded industry renowned Gonzo Banker and authors The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and Best Practices for Mid-Sized Banks and The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and Best Practices for Credit Unions. About SilverCloud SilverCloud Knowledge Systems specializes in uncovering money in information. SilverCloud provide unparalleled technology in delivering and maintaining information, enabling your staff and your customers to quickly and effortlessly receive answers to EVERY question. SilverCloud improves policies, procedures, training, compliance and service, resulting in fewer mistakes, lower costs and more satisfied customers. With over 165 financial institutions, SilverCloud is the undisputed leader in information management and publishing. # # #