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Achieving NIE Nirvana in 2021 will require financial institutions to do more with less


Gonzo Straight Talk:
Achieving NIE Nirvana in 2021

Every dollar saved is one more dollar you have to keep your people, differentiate in your market, reinvest for your future, and keep a market presence within your footprint.

In three 20-minute sessions, Cornerstone Advisors focuses on the most agile approach to reducing tech spend without compromising tech quality.

In the series opener, Negotiating Technology Contracts, viewers gain insight into the value of executing a negotiation strategy focused on improving NIE and how to begin the process.

During session two, Negotiating Contract Renewals, the viewer walks through the renewal process and learns how to gain leverage over the vendor without compromising the relationship. 

In the third and final session, Negotiating New Contracts, viewers identify contract pitfalls to sidestep and learn how to uncover other 'hidden gotchas' often overlooked.

Take advantage of an opportunity to save your institution money while continuing to meet customer expectations.