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Delivery Redirect

Delivery Redirect:
Start Now or Perish Later!

$850 for the August 2014 publication

What is Delivery Redirect? Delivery Redirect is about facing up to the tough choices concerning resources, the sales force and new organizational capabilities that financial institutions must address to be viable in 2020 and beyond. Specifically, bankers must start realigning resources today to survive and thrive in the new business models of 2020. These resources must include the financial institution's preferred mix of channels (physical and digital) as well as the internal resources needed to redirect, support and leverage its future model because, in 2020 revenue generation will move from physical to digital channels.

It's about migrating and aligning a financial institution's channels and resources to support its customers' financial buying decisions in the future. Here's the new mantra: "Migrating transactions saves money, but migrating buying decisions saves the bank.

Here’s what you get in the Delivery Redirect report:

  • A discussion on how a significant shift in the bank delivery model has already begun

  • -A frank acknowledgement of the “Brutal Truths” the industry must face including:

    -It’s revolution not evolution

    -Stop trying to please all your customers

    -The branch will no longer be the primary channel for customer acquisition

    - Say goodbye to your current vendor solutions

    - The customer purchase process has been disrupted forever

  • A look ahead to 2020 and what the major channels will look like

  • An analysis of 5 effective potential strategies for competing in 2020

  • The actions banks and credit unions must take right now—yes, right now!

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